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Info by Antonio Fucito — 5 years ago

Garage Pizza wants to give readers a compelling narrative of this world and a credible guide to eating a great pizzas around the world.

These are the main features:

Garage Pizza is an open, evolving project: it will remain in beta for a few weeks, then it will grow in the coming months and years!

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Q&A (updated to 28 november 2019)

Which topics does Garage Pizza cover?
The site offers guides, insights, interviews, videos, podcasts, reviews.

In what languages ​​is Garage Pizza translated?
The main heart of the site is in Italian, with a subset of articles translated into English and Japanese. There will be original and localized contents in the other languages also, which will be translated when of broad interest.

What is the Pizza Advisor?
Our advanced search engine, entirely developed in-house, dedicated to searching Pizza places on the website according to a series of parameters such as voting, price range, and city. The idea is to start “from scratch” by inserting only Pizza places on par with our standards: over time the pieces of information will be extended with reviews, in-depth analysis, interviews, and so on.

How does the Pizza Advisor work?
The use of the Pizza Advisor is very simple: after selecting one or more of the available parameters, “Show Results” allows you to see a map with the corresponding Pizza places found. By clicking/tapping on each icon, it is possible to read the main information and reach the Pizzeria tab with the full information.

The Pizza Advisor can be found on Home Page, Pizza Places page and in the page dedicated to each city.

Ok, but who is Antonio Fucito?
For the past 20 years, I have enjoyed writing for various newspapers and magazines, making videos, special projects, and online communication.
I believe in the direct relationship with the readers, I am Sommelier and Senior Editor of Dissapore belonging to the editorial group NetAddiction, with which I have been working for over 16 years.
In my profile Linkedin you can find almost everything I’ve done, even within the field of video games and technology.

Who is Tanzen Vs Pizza?
Tanzen Vs Pizza is the extended version of my nickname (Tanzen) for Social accounts dedicated to the pizza world.
I launched it on Instagram two years ago as a kind of joke, to review individual pizzas in hundreds of Pizza places I photographed and visited on my own. The scores of Tanzen Vs Pizza can be found in the Pizza Advisor and in the dedicated page.

If there is no traditional advertising, what is the Garage Pizza Business Model?
We decided to adopt a business model that does not include banners, skins or other canonical advertisements. Instead, we prefer to do dedicated long-term partnerships (such as in the Japanese version) and monetization for special projects that will take place over time, such as the events held at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo.

How do you keep the reviews separate from the commercial partnerships?
All commercial partnerships are clearly highlighted at the beginning of the article and, if necessary, within the text.
In short, you must have confidence: credibility is a complex thing that takes time to be acquired, and a few false steps to make it sink.

Can I collaborate with the project?
Yes, absolutely! There is always space for new collaborators, interesting ideas and everything that can improve our passion for this topic. Please send me an email or contact me on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to learn more!

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