BOB Alchimia a Spicchi in Catanzaro

Bob Alchimia a Spicchi is a charming and picturesque pizzeria located on the coast of the stunning Calabria, near the town of Montepaone Lido. With a unique and evocative style, Bob Alchimia a Spicchi perfectly embodies the magical and surreal atmosphere of an ancient alchemical tavern. Its furnishings and lighting create an intimate and welcoming environment, with warm tones and meticulous details that evoke magic and mystery. The characteristic of this establishment is the presentation of pizza sliced into wedges without the use of utensils, with combinations that offer a wide selection of Calabrian and Mediterranean ingredients, prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients. The dishes are rich in flavor and present a harmonious combination of tastes and aromas, with friendly and attentive staff always available to recommend dishes and suggest pairings with local and international wines, enriching the culinary experience and ensuring a high-quality service. Bob Alchimia a Spicchi in Montepaone Lido is undoubtedly one of the most interesting pizzerias in Calabria.


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