Bellillo UK in London

Salvatore Esposito and Francesco Vigna’s project is all explained in their motto: “from our lands to your hands”. In fact, Bellillo in Fulham stands out for a menu that highlights a huge sample of products from different corners of the Campania region (also well highlighted on their placemats): it could almost be called the first gourmet pizzeria in London. The love for Naples and its traditions is clear from the photos in the restaurant which portray different moments of Neapolitan daily life. The pizza has a classic mark, wide, with a low crust, and abundant in ingredients. The peculiarity of the Bellillo project is that it started from London and then extended to Spain in Barcelona (where two restaurants opened), before returning to Naples with the opening of a pizza place in Via Agostino De Pretis. Menus and standards are maintained and respected in all pizzerias.


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