Bianco 43 in London

Bianco 43 has a little story of its own in London. Born from a small place in Greenwich (at number 43, from which the name) has come to count four locations in the city, including one inside a prestigious historic building just a stone’s throw from Trafalgar Square (now taken over by Ciro Salvo with its London outpost of 50 Kalò). Today two locations have remained open, the original one in Greenwich and the one in Blackheath. The latter is a large space in a beautiful building just a few steps from the metro station. The furniture, all centered on wood, reminds more of a classic London pub than a pizzeria (and in fact, a bar counter stands out on the right side).

The pizza menu is only a small part of what is a full-fledged Italian restaurant, with several starters, first courses, meat and fish courses and a good selection of alcoholic beverages. The pizza does not follow a particular standard, as more the style of the pizza chef performing there in a given period. At the moment in the Blackheath headquarters there is a great deal of attention to the contemporary trend of “canotto” (inflated crust) style.


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