Bravi Ragazzi in London

The Bravi Ragazzi pizzeria in Streatham is perhaps the one in London that reminds you the most of a small neighborhood pizzeria in Naples. Starting from the district in which it’s located, Streatham, an area of South London that is still quite “rustic”. As well as the room with a few tables, where you can eat almost close to the oven. And where the pizza is presented big, larger than its plate and rich in toppings. The flavors are impeccable, everything is focused on the simplicity of tradition, there are not many peculiar pizzas on their menu. The same truthfulness is recognized in the dough, which manages to be satisfying and light without being the state of the art. And over the years their style has not undergone major changes, despite having seen alternating numerous pizza makers. The pizzeria was founded by the Neapolitan rapper Luché, who later open a second branch in Brooklyn, New York.


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