Figli del Vesuvio in London

On the London scene for a while, Figli del Vesuvio is located in the quiet residential area of ​​Earlsfield. In summer, it is immediately recognizable for the outdoor patio where most of the diners prefer to sit. The internal room is instead dominated by the pizza counter with a huge wood-burning oven. The menu has a nice twist with the use of Neapolitan names for each course (names like A ’Scustumata, Vaiassa, O’ Polpettone…).

Figli del Vesuvio is in fact also a small restaurant with some simple dishes of Italian cuisine. Simplicity also meets the tastes of the English in the main toppings used on pizzas, ranging from olives, tuna, onion, spicy salami. Nothing over the top, then, even if there is no shortage of Neapolitan classics such as sausage and frarielli. Good light dough, but on the flavor front, the pizza would need a boost.


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