Fresco (Mercato Metropolitano) in London

The Mercato Metropolitano of Elephant & Castle is the transposition in London of what had already been a huge success in Milan and Turin, before they closed their doors. In London for the first period it represented the best of Italian gastronomy, before conforming to other markets and drastically reducing the choice of Italian foods in favour of a more multi-ethnic option.

However, the Fresco pizza stand has remained for all these years, with its wood oven located in a strategic position just right at one of the two main entrances. When we say Fresco we are of course talking about the large Neapolitan chain which has several restaurants all over the world. The selection of pizzas is vast, albeit simple, and the prices a bit above average compared to the usual food markets, considering that we are talking about a takeaway pizza. Although large in size, and all in all satisfactory. Fresco has doubled its locations with an electric oven inside the new Mercato, in the central and elegant area of ​​Mayfair, near Oxford Street.



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