Laboratorio Pizza in London

When Laboratorio Pizza opened, the publicity that was made was entirely focused on the offer of fried pizza, which in fact is still quite rare in London. And indeed the fried pizza on the menu reflects all the canons of Neapolitan tradition: an abundant dough in the shape of a horn, served swollen, filled with the most classic cicoli meat and ricotta cheese. Same goes for montanara, one of the starters. There’s no particular attention to the gourmet trends, here, they go for simplicity: the pizza menu is not very different from that of a pizzeria in the historic centre of Naples.

Too bad that I noticed a certain discontinuity in their product, with irregular stretching and a slightly heavy dough. Rich flavors, and pizza goes easy on the stomach, anyway. The restaurant also offers various main courses made with pasta of unconventional shapes (sedanini, pappardelle, malloreddus). Prices are definitely low compared to the London average, but in line with those of an area, Brick Lane, which is still seen as one of the sides of London that have not been gentrified yet.


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