L’Antica Pizzeria (Hampstead) in London

Antica Pizzeria will certainly not be as old as the name implies, but it is definitely one of the historic pizzerias in London. Located in the residential neighborhood of Hampstead, the small restaurant can accommodate about forty people, offering a medium size pizza, very similar to those of the old Neapolitan school (in this sense the term “ancient” fits perfectly). The owners Luca De Vita and Alessandro Betti were also among the first to add some pasta courses to the menu, making their pizza place a small trattoria. A concept that they later expanded with the opening of a larger restaurant in High Barnet, north of London. Where, in addition to the classic wood-fired pizza, there’s a wider offer in the cuisine, a bar with a large selection of cocktails and a stand of artisanal gelato. To offer the best of the all-round Italian gastronomic tradition.


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