Meridionale in London

More than a pizzeria, Meridionale in Fulham is a proper Italian restaurant, with the menu all pointing – clearly, given its name – to a cuisine dedicated to the regions of southern Italy. In fact, the oven is not even present on the main floor, but located in the basement together with the rest of the kitchen, away from the eyes of the guests.

In fact, the restaurant aims for an elegant experience, to the point that the lunch menu is much smaller than dinner. In fact, it is in the evening that Meridionale gives its best, with a sophisticated atmosphere and elegant service, and a much wider menu. The pizza however has a strong point in its simplicity: there are not many peculiar choices, it follows the guidelines of a traditional Neapolitan menu with the use of some ingredients particularly dear to the British (the always fashionable nduja and burrata).

Wide pizzas, with a low crust, with simple and not too rich flavors. Not the best pizza in London, but satisfying.


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