Napoli On The Road (Chiswick) in London

Michele Pascarella started Napoli On The Road wandering around with his Ape Piaggio, from whose wood fired oven he has taken out small clouds of happiness for three years: his training is from Caserta, it automatically follows his passion is for the “canotto” (inflated crust) style. But he has never stopped experimenting, and here’s how his dough has improved more and more over time not only in terms of consistence (soft and melt in mouth), but also in appearance: Michele’s dough discs are perfect round shapes with extraordinarily regular air bubbles. The farmer’s markets gave him a lot of satisfaction, but Michele’s goal was always one: to open his pizzeria. The dream came true at the end of 2019, with the opening of the Naples On The Road brick and mortar pizzeria in Chiswick. A small and elegant place, where pizza remains the main course, but diners can also enjoy some tasty Neapolitan cuisine (the paccheri with meat sauce are sublime). Michele alternates between the gas oven and the kitchen: but he has not left the road, where his Ape van continues to roam around thanks to the help of valid assistants pizza makers.


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