Oi Vita (Canonbury) in London

Oi Vita in Canonbury, north London, is a project by Matteo Speziale and Nicola Apicella, two friends who have personally designed and furnished this small restaurant of about thirty seats in North London. An environment that from one side takes you back to their Neapolitan origin (a Pulcinella puppet looks at us from the shelves), on the other side it fits perfectly into the modern trend of London design, with numerous wooden elements and even the hipster touch of a bicycle hanging on the wall. But with such a passionate name, pizza can only be the real deal: from its wood-fired oven Nicola takes out soft and well kneaded pizzas, with a moderate size and a low crust, but rich in flavor. The menu during their first two years has seen few changes (also going a lot towards veg options), but the pizza has maintained its texture and digestibility, thanks to a fermentation pushed up to 36 hours. Must try the homemade desserts: tiramisu, pastiera and fried dough balls covered with Nutella perfectly complete the meal.


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