Pizzeria Pellone London (Clapham) in London

Antonio Pellone comes from the homonymous family that owns the pizzeria in the Fuorigrotta district in Naples. It should come as no surprise that his style of pizza is tied to tradition: the dough is well kneaded to obtain a large pizza, topped with generosity. A style that wins and in fact the restaurant, opened only in 2019, has immediately gathered a huge following. Located in a fairly quiet street in the residential area of Clapham, Pizzeria Pellone is visible from the outside thanks to the lights that illuminate a small room, with about forty seats, but teeming with the life of its diners and the activity that comes from the kitchen. Antonio works around the wood oven, the legacy of the pizzeria he took his place from (Made in South) which was also closely linked to tradition. The handover occurred flawlessly. Very simple pizza menu, also enriched by a good selection of Mediterranean starters.


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