Purezza Camden in London

Purezza is the first vegan Neapolitan pizzeria in London. Even if they prefer to brand themselves as a “plant-pioneer”, to underline how the choice is all based on the use of vegetables for the preparation of the ingredients (for the most part homemade). Purezza actually started in Brighton, a delightful seaside town an hour by train from London, from a project by Tim Barclay and Stefania Evangelisti. The pizzeria took off with the hiring of Filippo Rosato, a very young pizza chef from Caserta, who gave the pizza an innovative mark thanks to an insufflated and very light dough made with different flours (wholemeal, hemp and gluten-free). The success led to the second London opening (recently enlarged), several international awards and a recipe book. All based on the optimal use of vegetables, cereals, legumes for the preparation of pizzas that go beyond the classic concept of Margherita and Marinara (however always present on the menu) and play with the chef’s imagination and creativity.


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