Santa Maria (Ealing) in London

Santa Maria in Ealing can be considered the progenitor of the Neapolitan pizzerias in London. Not the first in an absolute sense, but certainly the one that gave more visibility to the concept of real Neapolitan pizza, making both Italian immigrants and Londoners happy. For years Pasquale Chionchio and Angelo Ambrosio have served their authentic pizza in a small restaurant with just under thirty seats at the border of zone 3, with a constant queue outside the door of at least one hour. But they never settled on their laurels, and over time their business has expanded. First they acquired the pub next door, creating the first pub in London where you can eat Neapolitan pizza (and thus eliminating the waiting lines). Then they opened a second pizzeria in Chelsea and another in Fitzrovia, getting closer and closer to the centre. Finally, they revolutionized their classic dough by adopting a wholemeal flour, which is what you can taste now in all their points: a high concentration of flavors combined with a great digestibility. Always respecting the tradition.


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