Sud Italia (Spitalfields) in London

Silvestro Morlando is a lad from Abruzzo who fell in love with Naples and his pizza, and from there he started his mission: bringing the first “pizza a portafoglio” (foldable pizza) in London. This happened 5 years ago, when the ’74 Citroën H Van van first appeared at the Old Spitalfields Market in east London. Years have passed, Silvestro’s pizza underwent numerous evolutions, losing the small foldable format to become a take-away pizza. The wood oven was replaced with a gas oven in compliance with market rules. But Silvestro’s passion didn’t change, and in the meantime he launched more selling points, one in a Richmond pub, and another for events and parties (on the usual Ape Piaggio). Silvestro’s pizza remains simple and traditional, following the Neapolitan style of a low crust and simple and tasty ingredients. And the blue of the van that refers to the Napoli football team (with a Maradona puppet on display) is the main reference point in Spitalfields for customers looking for Sud Italia.


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