Theo’s in London

Theo’s is one of the historic Neapolitan pizzerias in London, active since 2015. And it’s remarkable, considering that the property is English. A good number of Neapolitan pizza makers have worked here, any of them leaving their mark on a product that is really tasty, although it can be improved. The medium sized pizzas do not have a perfect dough, but can be eaten with satisfaction thanks to the abundant use of Italian ingredients.

Among other things, it must be said that it was also the first pizzeria to list fried pizza and panuozzi on their menu. The pizza menu is very short, especially for lunch, and apart from the classic Margherita and Marinara, the other pizzas make use of ingredients much more familiar to the English (anchovies, mushrooms, spicy salami, artichokes, etc.). The typically British character is also denoted by the wide selection of alcoholic beverages.


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