Wandercrust in London

Mike Gregory is an Australian lad who fell in love with Neapolitan pizza in London even before eating it in Naples. And he learned to do it himself and started to sell it to passers-by from a truck in Greenwich, thanks to his friend Gavin Dunn, with whom he officially started the Wandercrust project.

Later his passion brought him to the pizza mecca where he got acquainted with the real deal. Back in London, he started to use pubs in the area to provide his pizza to the customers. Today you can eat Wandercrust’s pizza at The Crown Pub and The Duke Deptford, both in Greenwich. And both equipped with wood-fired ovens provided by Mike. The pizza reflects in all respects the canons of the Neapolitan tradition. But it is in the ingrediente that Mike finds his entertainment, granting only Margherita and Marinara as traditional pizzas and adapting the rest to the tastes of the English clientele. The best combination of toppings is undoubtedly the one called American Psycho: San Marzano tomato, Buffalo mozzarella, ventricina cured meat, roquito pepper and chilli honey. A perfectly balanced mix of sweet, salty and spicy.


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