Capuano’s Pizzeria 7.0 (Londonio) in Milan

Going to Capuano’s Pizzeria 7.0 in via Londonio you can find Luigi Capuano’s pizzas , which follow the Neapolitan tradition between great classics and new types of Pizza. The restaurant revolves around the concept of the number 7, also linked to the phases for the preparation of a Neapolitan pizza: dough making, leavening, dough cut, dough resting, dough flattening, dressing, baking. Green is the predominant color of the restaurant , which together with the menu reminds those of the Italian-Americans of the past, but declined in a modern way. On the menu, you can find traditional pizzas like the one with fiordilatte cheese, sausage, and friarielli, among the creations and reinterpretations of the pizza maker Luigi Capuano till the Calzone in the baked and fried version, with ricotta cheese, cicoli, and black pepper. There is also a gluten-free option with frozen dough, and a decent selection of beverages, especially regarding the beers.

Margherita with fiordilatte cheese, tomato, grana cheese, fresh basil.


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