Fakalò Pizza Gallery in Tokyo

Fakalò pizzeria in Tokyo is a restaurant that offers an authentic Italian experience in Japan, created by a Japanese pizzaiolo who studied in Italy. Located in the heart of the city, the pizzeria has a warm and welcoming atmosphere with simple and clean décor. The menu is diverse and offers a wide selection of wood-fired pizzas prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients, with some coming from Italy and others composed of Japanese products. Customers can enjoy classic pizzas like margherita or quattro stagioni, but also gourmet pizzas topped with ingredients such as smoked bacon, buffalo mozzarella, and porcini mushrooms. Additionally, the pizzeria also offers a selection of antipasti and salads, as well as a list of Italian wines that complete the Italian culinary experience. The friendly and attentive staff are always available for recommendations and suggestions on dishes and wines. Fakalò pizzeria in Tokyo is the ideal place for those who want to taste pizza with Italian roots in Japan and have an interesting experience.


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