Homemade fried pizza: method and recipe by Enzo Coccia

Coronavirus quarantine will not stop our love for this pizza

Column by Antonio Fucito — 4 years ago

Fried Pizza with Neapolitan Salami, provola cheese and ricotta cheese

Ahhhhh fried pizza, the quintessential representation of gluttony, an explosion of flavors that has few equals in the world: when it is made properly, it offers unforgettable experiences. Think of it, if we don’t consider the frying process, the caloric intake of this pizza is usually lower than a classic Margherita, because the dough reaches 150 grams; in the Neapolitan custom it is served in straw paper and can also be enjoyed on a stroll along the street.

In the 1954 movie “L’Oro di Napoli” (The Gold of Naples), directed by Vittorio de Sica, Sophia Loren sold it shouting “Eat today and pay in eight days”, rephrasing the Neapolitan practice “a oggi otto”, that is the possibility of buy it on credit and pay it the following week.

Ok, we made your mouth water, but luckily we can easily replicate it even within the walls of our house. And for this reason I asked Enzo Coccia, master pizza chef of pizzeria La Notizia (with two pizza places), to share with you (us) a practical method and the recipe for making it. Starting from one of the three most traditional fillings (the others include pork rinds or escarole), the one with ricotta, provola and Neapolitan salami.

Once you have acquired the technique, nothing stops you with having fun with different ingredients!

And if you want to make other types of pizza, remember our tips for making homemade pan pizza and homemade Neapolitan pizza.

Fried Pizza with Neapolitan Salami, provola cheese and ricotta cheese

Fried Pizza with Neapolitan Salami, provola cheese and ricotta cheese, by Enzo Coccia


Pour ½ liter of water into a medium-sized salad bowl, dissolve 25 grams of sea salt and then dilute 3 grams of fresh compressed yeast; add slowly 800 grams of flour (type “00” of good quality and, if possible, soft with excellent elasticity / resistance ratio, humidity 13/15%) until you obtain the desired point of dough which must be compact, elastic and soft.
After the kneading, let the dough rest for about 6/8 hours, covering it with a damp white cotton cloth, at an ambient temperature of about 18-22 ° C.
Then proceed with the shaping of 150 grams dough balls and place them to rise in specific drawers (hard plastic would be ideal), covered for 2 more hours.
Stretch the balls with the Neapolitan technique by pressing the dough with your fingertips and performing rotary movements with both hands.
Cover half the disc with the toppings, fold it over and join the two parts evenly, taking care not to use too much flour in order to prevent starch from reacting with the boiling oil.

Cook in a concave pan in sunflower oil with a high rate of oleic acid, preheated to a temperature of about 190 °, for about 2 minutes. As soon as it looks golden in color, remove the fried pizza and lay it in a special oil strainer. From this dough you get about 8/10 fried pizzas.


Dilute the ricotta with a little water, cut the provola, slice the salami and cover half the disc with the ingredients.
Close the dough in a shape of half moon by joining the edges well. Lift the pizza and dip in the boiling oil.

Serve hot: enjoy your meal!

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